TEN TENTHS GmbH is a leading motorsport agency & your strong partner in the background. We will help you setting up new racing projects and optimising existing ones, for both factory and customer racing. You too can profit from our wealth of experience in the motorsport business. TEN TENTHS offers highly professional consultation, management and operation services for:



TEN TENTHS deals with many aspects of the technical and sporting regulations in professional motorsport. We have references from several international factory and customer racing projects for the compilation and the interpretation of regulations topics. Furthermore we also offer individual training programs for team members and drivers to help maximising the knowledge and actions of your outfit.

Contract and Sports Law Negotiation

TEN TENTHS provides you with advice and solutions for all motorsport matters pertaining to the law. Manufacturers, teams and drivers trust in our many years of legal expertise. Confidentiality and discreet handling of contract issues is paramount.

Driver Management

No matter if you are a professional or an amateur racer - TEN TENTHS possesses a first-rate network in the numerous disciplines of motorsport. We support you in deciding on the best possible career move for your success behind the wheel. Additionally we also tend to all legal and contractual matters.

Race Series Organization

With the organization and operation of race series and one-make championships in a professional environment, TEN TENTHS offers the full package for participants, guests and partners. As a leading motorsport agency, we can look back on numerous years of successful race series organization for a number of manufacturers. Benefit from our connections with national and international sporting authorities, organizers, racing teams and specialists.


Our engineering team will guide your project on the technical side – from concept stage to design, car build and operation on the racetrack. Furthermore, we also offer our expertise and knowledge from various areas of international motorsport for simulation and analysis work.

Automotive history

In addition to our modern racing activities our hearts beat strongly for the history of the sport. With great passion and dedication, we take care of historic projects and classic car collections. Therein the authentic technology is not always the sole centre attraction – often the backgrounds and CVs are just as fascinating. With our know-how and our first-class contacts from decades of work in the area of car and racing history, we research and document vehicles and their heritage in both words and pictures for you.